Sunday, September 21, 2008 promised part tres

So parts one and two reveal the scandalous beginnings to our love story, let's see where it goes from here.

Saturday I awoke to the whole "crap, this is my life" feeling that comes with knowing that I had put myself in exactly this situation. Hoping that this guy I had just met was a truly honorable guy, because I had gotten myself into quite a predicament.

Saturday was also the day that I realized that my heater fan no longer worked. Yes, the fan that was helpful in defrosting windows in the dead of a Montana winter, had been disconnected broken and I couldn't see out my windows unless I warmed it up for about an hour or so. I would come to find out later that week that I also had one and only one working brake. So, there would be no driving 600 miles over many mountain passes to go stay with my parents until I got it all figured out. I was going to be where I was for awhile. In a studio with two kids, a doberman and a stranger.

Luckily, my intended is, and was, good people. He did help me move, he did arrange for my stuff to be stored for free. He insisted that I drive his car, because mine was unsafe. This caused him to have to rearrange his life to accommodate mine.

B had resisted granting a divorce for ever, but checking yourself into a psych hospital for 10 days turns out is quite expensive, in addition to the medical bills, six months of other unpaid bills, and numerous other debts, he was in dire need of declaring bankruptcy, and he needed my signature. We traded signatures, I got my divorce, and a bankruptcy. He got his bankruptcy and a divorce. And as luck would have it, I got a lot of my legal fees paid for by none other than B's mom and her boyfriend. B and I had agreed to split the $400 worth of charges that needed to be paid before our attorney would appear in divorce court with us. I had my half, even though it required taking up a collection at work - which everyone was happy to chip in for. My intended sent a check for B's half, just in case. Which turned out to be good, because B didn't show. I paid him back, but I'm quite sure he found it to be a good investment.

Let's wrap this up tomorrow, I'm exhausted.

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Tracey said...

I'm with you girl....stupid me...I married a guy that told me his finances were none of my business until I married him...I did...and therefore ended up in $50,000 debt on the day of our marriage...yah for me...6 years later...transferring $$$ around on different cards some in my name some in we declare bankruptcy for....very embarassed to say...well a lot of $$$$$$ of April of 2009 it will be 10 years and finally off my record.

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