Saturday, September 20, 2008

...the saga continues

The following Friday I went to work in the morning like normal. B brought me lunch, and about an hour before I was scheduled to go home B shows up. Says "sorry" then hands me a not and walks away, you probably remember how it was in the seventh grade. The note very coldly eloquently said something like....
"I've got the dog, the kids and the car. BTW we haven't paid any bills since August and we got evicted today."

I'll spare you the details of how I could miss the fact that no bills had been paid for five months, lest anyone get any ideas, but let's just say if B had used his powers for good he'd be king. He, however, did not and left me in quite a predicament. It was five o'clock Friday, January 31 in Montana. And the kids and I had no place to sleep.

I was in my former office screaming crying talking to my landlord. Who found it hard to believe that I was clueless in this whole thing. She agreed to let me get some stuff out later that evening, and all of the stuff before Monday morning. So, adding to the list of finding the kids, the dog, the car, food and shelter. I also had to coordinate a move. And being married to the guy I was married to, you can imagine all the friends we had.

So, there I am on the phone and who should show up. My knight in shining armor The guy who almost fell down the stairs when he first saw me, the guy with whom I'd shared a kiwi, the guy who just found out Annie was no longer married.

You'll recall, up until this point we have had less than five interactions. I gave him more than one opportunity to bail, but he wouldn't. We found the kids, the dog, the car. B had checked himself into the hospital on a psych hold for 72 hours, but not before calling the women's shelter and informing them that I might call, and he knew where they were and they'd better not take me. They didn't. Thanks B.

So, when the property manager returned from her date, I loaded up some stuff for the night and graciously accepted the offer of shelter from a guy I barely knew. He had also arranged storage and moving for the following day. The original offer was that the kids and I would stay at his apartment, and he'd stay with a friend. He never left.

Did I mention his apartment was a studio? No, well it was. He and I, two kids and a doberman in a studio. Let's say it was cozy. We put the kids to bed and talked into the wee hours of the night. When it was time to say goodnight, we rolled out the sleeping bags on the kitchen floor and turned out the lights. He kissed my forehead and told me goodnight. A move, that was not a move, that he immediately regretted but never said anything to me.

my my, you'll have to wait for more 'til tomorrow.

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Tracey said...

AMAZING STORY SO FAR!!! This guy being your knight, makes the last guy the king's fool!!! I can't wait to hear the rest!!

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