Friday, September 19, 2008

...I've Been Tagged - Tell Us Your Love Story

Tracey tagged me. Wants to know how we fell in love, sigh. So here it is, and you're welcome sorry there will be no half naked pictures of my husband.

I think men are from Mars and women are from Venus usually, not in our case. Hubby and I are both from Mars. Literally. That's where we met. Although I think it was officially M.A.R.S. it stood for something fancy. He did internet stuff, I did data entry and took calls from spanish speaking clients. Pretty good for a white girl. If they knew as much english as I knew spanish, we did pretty good. One time I think I promised someone she could return her tires. I'm sure someone, somewhere got yelled at that day. I also fielded calls as to what our next line of candy would be. "Sorry sir, this is a tax place."

Being from different departments, there was not much cause for me to run into my intended. My first recollection of him, and we differ as to who was walking up the stairs and whom was walking down them, but (this is my version) I was walking down the stairs and he was walking up. Until he saw me, then he was tripping up the stairs. A girl tends to remember these things.

Fast forward weeks/months, don't know but sometime later we were both in the break room when someone offered up a kiwi they weren't eating. We both called dibs and shared.

Did I mention that I was married to someone else at the time? No, well I was, we'll call him B. And there was another guy in the mix. We have no appropriate title for this guy, but he was in the mix and we'll call him T.

B and I had been married for three years. He kicked me and my ****'n kids out asked me to move out seven days into our marriage and it went downhill from there. We were currently living together, but headed for divorce court.

T also worked at M.A.R.S. and we had a brief thing that officially ended when he came back from a ski vacation and announced that he was moving. T had a going away party and all the cool kids from work were there, including my intended. Who ended up giving me a ride home. And while it was obvious that we had the major hots for each other, he made it clear that he would not get involved as long as I was married.

Tune in tomorrow for the continuing saga that was my life.

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Tracey said...

He staid a whole 7 was a major commitment for him probably!!

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