Thursday, February 5, 2009're going to have to take that thumb out of your mouth

Our church is smack dab in the middle of a relationship series. We've been attending this church since 2002. Let me just say that those early relationship series' were just not as good as they have been lately. I guess our pastor has just gotten better over the years:) I'm sure it has nothing to do with the state our relationship was in 7 years ago.

This past week was how parenting dilemmas can affect your marriage. Hubby and I, of course, are awesome parents. Why wouldn't we be after more than 300 hours of parent training by the state? You don't have to tell us twice that it is ill advised to feed a child while they are asleep. And we will always wake up a child to give them their "sleep medication". We are just that good. Our first year as foster parents we made it all the way to the finals here in Texas as most awesome-est. We didn't get first, but were in the top three. Well, we've learned a lot since then, and will probably not make the top 1000 ever again. We're not how do you say it....cooperative. Well, not me, as I deal with the majority of the fostering issues.

Anyway, our laundry list of parenting tips were all checked off as done before we left that morning. We left high fiving each other and handing out parenting business cards to those hanging their heads. No, seriously, we do have it pretty together in the parenting department, most importantly we're on the same page usually, which makes every battle a lot easier to fight. Our glee quickly faded as we prepared for the week ahead, we just knew it would be coming.

Most of Christmas break Big Boy was grounded. I don't recall why, he just was, and he spent a lot of time at home, and he was great. The first couple of weeks back to school, he was in drivers ed from a little after school let out until dinner time. No time to get himself into trouble. This week, he's had several hours between school and drivers ed. He's been hanging with the guys, and gotten back together with his girlfriend from last summer, and has been a pain in the arse.

We require him to turn in his phone every night, so he's not texting til the wee hours. He hasn't. We require him to do chores in exchange for the use of said phone. He hasn't. We now have the phone. The other morning, prior to the phone confiscation, his alarms, yes three alarms, were going off incessantly. He was too tired apparently to deal with it, we went in to his room and found his phone that he's supposed to leave out of his room and a lighter. Now, I'll wait while you talk amongst yourselves as to what legitimate reasons there are for a 15 year old boy to have a lighter......

(humming a tune)

You're right. There are no legitimate reasons for a 15 year old to have a lighter. When questioned about it, he "found it last night", like he forgot hubby and I were ever 15. We are now the proud owners of a lighter as well. He was informed that he could have his phone back when he caught up on his chores and remembered the rules surrounding the phone privilege. It'll be at least a week. Then his 15 year old brain decided this was a fight he needed to win. All sorts of talks of he's not a druggie and we don't trust him. Never realizing that his argument was proving our point. ie we don't trust you, because you just lied. Hello. Now do we think he's smoking or whatever. No. But come on, "I found it last night" we had to challenge that story. I would have accepted, "I was setting things on fire to watch them burn" or something similarly cool stupid. But anyway, he's going to be spending less time with his friends for awhile.

In other news, the twins are thumb suckers. We're fine with that, who are we to say you can't comfort your own self. But lately, it's gotten a little ridiculous. We don't allow them to suck their thumbs when they aren't in bed. But this week, it's been a constant thumb in the mouth existence for both of them. Most of the converstations start with


"Take that thumb out of your mouth."

"Can I have a drink?"

"Well, why didn't you just say that in the first place."


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Ha ha ha! That is hilarious! A lighter, I convinced my mom to buy me one about 100 years ago, at the time everyone used to lite their eyeliner on fire to melt it before putting it on. Ok, it was the 80's and I had several other reasons for wanting the lighter. LOL

Annie said...

Yeah, I regretted not mentioning the 14 year old girl in the '80's eyeliner reason. Or an emo kid. I should put these on a delay, to optimize the hilarity

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