Thursday, February 5, 2009

...for a confession

It might surprise you that we are kind of old school in some areas. Yes, when we had the home phone, we got the caller ID on the TV. It was awesome, except for that we never had the TV on, and we never received any personal calls at home. But when it was on, we were confident we could ignore it when it did ring. Technology rocks.

But are you ready for this? We do not have an ice maker. We have a freezer that is capable of making ice, but no ice maker. We could purchase one, but hooking it up to water would be a time consuming money pit having to dig up the floor, run plumbing through a slab foundation, yada yada. So, we are old school. We use ice cube trays. Don't judge me.

This has caused some humorous moments in our home. We have friends over often. Our friends most always have kids. Our friends obviously not only have ice makers but also ice dispensers on the outside of the freezer. Little is funnier than a 14 year old wondering where the ice is.

"It's in the freezer." Well, maybe I just need to get out more.

Anyway, many of you grew up with ice cube trays. I don't know if you recall the problems we experience here on a daily basis. They are always empty. Why is this? Tonight I ran a little experiment. (Just so you know, I'm as guilty as the next family member of not filling them, but I can pretend, it's my blog) Tonight I learned that it takes about 20 seconds to dump the ice from the ice cube tray into the ice bucket, refill the ice cube tray with filtered water and put the ice cube tray underneath the other ice cube trays, thus assuring that all the hard ice is either in the bucket or on top. 20 seconds. I guess we just don't have that kind of time. But hey, I'm not remodeling the kitchen any further. My kitchen rocks much. And on Tuesday, it will be rocking most, as the counter guy is scheduled to complete it. Then there will only be two more projects, no wait three, no four....but then it will be done. I swear. Until we replace the windows. OK we'll never be done, I've just got to live with that.


Rebekah said...

Cracking up.....I haven't seen an ice cube tray since I was a kid :)

chickadee said...

we didn't have an ice maker for years. when we built our house that was the one thing i was looking forward to the most.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

no ice maker here either. and no ice trays. In north east Wisconsin, just not the issue it must be in Texas!

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