Friday, February 6, 2009

...I'm so glad I didn't

...join the gym. I have all the resolve to exercise as I do to stop eating frosting out of the tub. I like to do both about once a month. Of course I'd have to work out every day to compensate for that one tub of frosting. But let's stop talking about it, I'm salivating. I've worked out about six times this year, or about once a week. Yea me, but had I joined the gym the only thing I would have lost is $200.

...go to college. I know, education is important. Well, yes, but I don't think that college is the only place to get an education. the bigger house. When we moved here we were "pre-approved" for $X. Our realtor was bound and determined to get us into a house that cost $X. We had a tough time convincing one and then another that $X/2 was just fine. He showed us this house as a "as long as we're in the neighborhood" and even we were skeptical due to its proximity to a major road. It has suited us perfectly for these last seven years. Dealing with 20 some odd kids and countless remodels. And better yet, we are close to paying it off. But that has more to do with our desire to be out of debt than anything else.

...get pregnant a fourth time. It wouldn't have changed us in the ways that fostering has.

...oh gosh there is so much more. We'll save that for a later day. I have a Friday, kids home all day, brain fry.

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