Saturday, February 21, 2009

...possibly useless/ful information

As I often do on a Saturday, while my men are constructing walls and such, I was reading up on "Important Facts" they print on the back of medication ads. This one happens to be for Viagra.

The instructions state that you should...
"Take Viagra about 1 hour before you want to have sex."

Um, excuse me, I am pretending to be a guy. I've wanted to have sex constantly since I was 12. And prior to the moment I wanted to have sex, I didn't want to have sex because girls were icky. But since my "aha" moment, it's been constant. Is there a pill I can take to go back to an hour before that?

Now, I'm back to being a's the possibly useful information for you Viagra people at Pfizer Pharmaceutical. Prescribe it to us girls, print in your info to give it to our guys 1 hour prior to us wanting to have sex. It could even be used for foreplay.

There's an idea.


So not a problem here. I still have to fight him off with a stick, (sorry) not that I would though, cuz he's a stud. Right honey?

Another side note on the possible side effects of Viagra

"Trouble telling blue and green apart" REALLY? Do you want to take a chance with that?
Loss of sight or hearing or death. "Most of these happened in men who already had heart problems" and probably lied to their doctor.

ps I ran this by hubby as it involved Viagra, he noted that if that were a problem, and he had to choose between blue and green differentian and sex. He'd take his chances with blue and green becoming a muddled mess. Just so ya know.

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