Sunday, February 22, 2009's time for the Oscar's already?

I think the only movie I've seen this year is Mall Cop. It did not garner one nomination. How can that be? Bobby Canavale should get a nomination just for looking so Awesome. I've been smitten since he died on Third Watch, yes I cried, leave me alone.

The idea of an Oscar Party though is appealing, not to watch the Oscar's though, just for another excuse to have people over and eat good food. The last time we had an Oscar Party there was a wardrobe malfunction. No wait, I'm confusing that with something else.

We watched the Oscar Red Carpet ceremony on E! last year. Omom and Charlie were in the stadium seating just behind Ryan Seacrest. Awesome. Luckily odad was about a foot taller than the rest of the crowd and has very distinctive features so he was very easy to spot. We can only assume that was omom sitting next to him, we don't have E! in HD. I think we have been permanently banned from watching as we were more excited to see omom and Charlie than we were to see the stars.

Here's my brother in law working the Red Carpet at the Oscar's.

You can tell, because he's standing on a red carpet, and the guy next to him has a plate full of little Oscar's.

Since I don't post pictures of us here, that's what my husband looks like, only taller, darker and handsomer, but I may be biased. We're still so disgustingly in love, I only have eyes for him.

The last time I was excited for the Oscar's we had three channels, and Kathy Bates won for Misery. Yes, I grew all the way up without cable or satellite, to top it off the whole town only had four movie screens, six in the summer....I miss the drive in. I guess that explains the stunted development of my caring about the Oscar's parts.

So, I'll be watching the Amazing Race tonight. I'm sure I'll be able to find out who won tomorrow. E! online will have all the horrendous dresses and embarrasing Oscar speeches and Red Carpet moments. If you want to come over and watch the race with me, let me know, I'll put on some hors de vours.

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