Saturday, February 21, 2009

...I don't get up at God awful early on a Saturday to walk in the rain for just anyone

So, I was a little sleepy this morning. I say that like it's unique for me to be tired in the morning after staying up late the night before, like I always do. So the first statement, disregard it. Last night we stayed up way too late, partying like we were all four, loving on friends and eating

Lots of bread, this is only the half of it....and steaks, (no picture, but meat is meat, unless it's murder like I see on the tshirts all the kids are wearing and if any cows happen to be reading this, it might be disturbing for them to see their kin, so no picture)

Then, like we had any room, we had CAKE.....

This is Princess's Doggy Cake with Dark Curly Hair, yes I know, it's AWESOME. And if you want to discuss disturbing, it was seeing the dismembered doggy spread out on our buffet for all to enjoy, but I digress.


Oops and now you know Felpsy's real name too. But yes, that is a cake, and it is a light saber and WOW, IT WAS AWESOME!


This was Boog's cake, it was Diego on one side, Spiderman on the other and it was "on fire" as requested. It was my favorite, it was lemon with buttercream, YUM!

I would say you can't buy that kind of cake, but you will be able to and soon, but only locally, so this only applies to three of you, and two of them are us....anyway

Back to the reason I had to get up at God awful early this rainy Saturday morning. There was a walk for a local school, where one of the band members from our church sends his son. Joey the dad, is Awesome! And to say that guy can play guitar, would not do what he does with a guitar justice. He should be a rockstar. But I'm glad he chooses to bless our church week in and week out with his talent. Anyway, fundraising walk this morning. It was raining. I was detoxing from carbs, sleep would not let me go. But I said screw sleep, Joey blesses our family so dang much, we're going. And we did. And it rained. And it was great. I know in no way does our little sacrifice of a couple hours of sleep compare with what he does, and what his wife does by sharing him with throngs of people every week, but I hope he knows that he does indeed bless us. And I hope that they raised a whole boat load of cash for the school.

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