Saturday, February 14, 2009

...oh, the quilt

Yes, I made the quilt in my header, thanks for asking. It's my favorite thing. When we packed for a hurricane evacuation, that was the first thing in the box. It insulates to 30 below. It is on my bed year round. I live in Texas, that's love.

I took a quilting class after moving here, thought I'd be crafty. That quilt isn't finished yet, I started it about seven years ago. I think I still pretend that I'm going to finish it. The quilt on the bed was made possible by the quilting class. The class that was populated by quilting underachievers. After about three weeks they were so far behind, I started something else. Because we leave no one behind. Then I found my independent quilt project more fun for me, and more satisfying.

To say I have OCD in some areas would not be a lie. I hate when my measuring cups are hanging out of order and not nesting as God intended. Although, since I did not put them away, I think protocol would suggest that I leave them. I learned that in wife class at church. Men apparently hate it when we fix their work. Anyway, as you can tell I also have ADD, and can easily get distracted. But quilting is the perfect vocation for those of us afflicted with OCD. Cutting what had to be thousands of 2x2 squares. It was therapeutic.

Originally the quilt was supposed to take the place of what that I coveted from Bed, Bath and BEYOND. It was beyond expensive. I naively thought I could do a better job for less. Nevertheless it kept me occupied for a couple of weeks. I took the quilting class around Easter time and we moved into this house in May, so at most, it took me two months to put the top together. Then, it sat. In a box. In a closet. Year. After year. After year. Until I took a girl power class at church and learned that I'm awesome and I deserve things because I am the culmination of all things cool on earth. So I asked hubby to get the thing quilted for me for Christmas. I think that was two years ago. He did. I have loved them both since. (The husband and the quilt).

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