Sunday, February 15, 2009

...I need to find some dirt...and fast.

As you might have heard, Boog is getting a big 'ol pile of dirt for his birthday party next weekend. Yes, I know dirt is everywhere. I need it put into a pile in my back yard, which would be fine, but our back yard is fortified to maximum security prison standards, for obvious reasons. Getting dirt in the back yard is going to require some skills.

That, and I don't know where exactly to get said dirt. They don't sell it at Target, or Macy's. Those are the only stores I go into. Oh I do go to the spa, they have mud there, which I guess means there is dirt in there somewhere. But really, do I want the kids rolling around in the good mud? Decidedly not.

If I had my way, I'd also have a shower installed in the back yard this week. I wonder who's in charge of those haz mat shower stations they have in movies. One of those would rock. Or, have you seen those commercials where the kids are all in hamster balls so they don't get hurt. I want some of those too. They actually sell those. And maybe it would satisfy the boys to play inside of them and stay out of the dirt. Not likely.

Maybe I don't need to bring the dirt here, maybe we can move to the dirt. I'm thinking five acres, lots of dirt, a pond or stream near the back of the house. A fenced in area for the hamster balls, and a hill, or many rolling hills. Where do you find rolling hills? Maybe I shouldn't wait until the last minute every year.

Oh, and an elaborate "mirror, mirror on the wall" quality mirror for the princess. Only the best for my babies. I'm sure an elaborate princess mirror will not negatively affect her self confidence in anyway. Actually she's gonna need a stage too.

I'll guess I'll add it to the list.

1. Food
2. cakes
3. Fire
4. Dirt
5. Streamers
6. Hamster balls
7. Party Hats
8. Acreage with meandering brook and rolling hills
9. Princess mirror and stage complete with sound and lighting.


Michelle said...

We had a huge pile of dirt brought in one time and my prissy little princess was the first to get filthified!! Thats sounds like fun!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad you did so that I could discover yours! I can't wait to read more! Good luck on your dirt quest!

Megan said...

Will any of the nurseries or sod installer type people deliver just dirt?

Click this and I will send you flair:)

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