Saturday, February 14, 2009

...I need to get something straight

In the last 20 years I've gotten exactly two phone calls. I have seen only one of you, somewhere other than bumping into you at Wal-mart. I am only FB friends with three of you, and yet you want me to do what?

Take two who are four, a five year old with SERIOUS anxiety and behavior issues, a ten year old, and a teenager on no less than three plane rides, during prime thunderstorm season in the southern United States, which will inevitably mean that we are delayed, rerouted or otherwise stuck somewhere. You then want me to reminisce about all the fun we didn't have, and catch up with each other. You said all of three words to me in four years. And you want me to use valuable vacation time to do all of this? I don't even go there to see my family unless someone dies.

So, reunion committee, I can safely say I will not be attending. Feel free to put whatever you would like in the reunion yearbook.

(I'll probably start doing sit ups anyway, you know, in case someone does die.)


Christy said...

That's exactly how I feel about class reunions!

Rachel said...

In high school, I said I'd never go.

And I haven't.

And I won't.

Amy said...


Click this and I will send you flair:)

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