Monday, February 2, 2009

...of a repurposing dilema

We are currently in the middle of a repurposing project. Up until last week everyone had their own room, except me. I'm not bitter or anything...well maybe a little. I guess I could claim the laundry room, doubt anyone would put up much of a fight for it. Unless of course I repurposed it to not include the washer and dryer, but we'll save that for another day.

The sad thing is that Felpsy does not use his room, which coincidentally is the largest of the sleeping rooms. He has always slept outside the door in a little cove in the hall. And did I mention my husband, a titan of business, working out of the hers closet in the master bedroom? So, brilliant ol' us, decided to put the little boys together, that way Boog could have the big room, and Felpsy could still use the cove, freeing up an entire room for a Titan of Business Office, from now on we'll call it the TOBO.

This all started with the laundry room redo that I did last weekend. I hated the way the whole laundry room was feeling. As usual, the plumbing and electricity have dictated where certain things must go, and it didn't really work with the other things I had in there, so I took the cabinet from the front hall (which I was also hating)and put it in the laundry room and removed the shelving unit from the laundry room. The laundry room looks great, but the shelving unit was too large for the front hall. It's been sitting in the dining room all week. Not an appropriate place. Hubby said it would be great in the office, if he had one. Then we realized we did have one, it was just being used as a bedroom. So, one little cabinet repurposing has turned into a remodeling project. In order for the bedroom to be used as an office we had to pull up the carpet, (yucky, stained and smelly carpet) paint over the masterpiece "Family Portrait: a masterpiece in crayon on sheetrock by Boog." Lay down woodish type flooring and and and. But now we have an office.

This morning hubby announced that if I cleaned off the shelves he'd put it back in the TOBO. But that's where I've been stashing all of the stuff I didn't know what to do with all week. All of the stuff from the laundry room that no longer fits. All the stuff that I have vowed to do something with, that is not going back into the laundry room. A dog dish that hasn't been used in two years. A keyboard that is missing an adapter. Not one but two, two line phones. Did I mention we don't have home phone service? Do I throw this stuff away, it might be useful to someone. It is not useless. I just have no use for it. Our local Goodwill just throws everything away so I don't like taking stuff there. It's perfectly useful, just not to me. AAAAAArrrrrrgggggghhhhh.

I can't leave this stuff just hanging around the dining room. I like a clean dining room. I can't put it in the laundry room. I can't put it in the kitchen, or the living room. The closets are already full of other useful/less stuff. I think you may know how I feel about "under the bed" and I have to do something with it this week. The new counters are coming next week. I have to use the dining room to hold all of the kitchen stuff for a couple of days. I think these matters are too weighty for me to decide when there are three four year olds clamoring for my attention.

In other remodeling news, I've decided to put up a shelf to keep the young ones on. They are growing up too fast. Boog no longer fits in my pocket. I told him I was building a shelf to keep him on, he didn't really think that was a good idea. I tried reasoning that he could just sit up on my shelf looking cute until I needed a kiss, then I could take him down, kiss him and put him back on the shelf. No sale.

Maybe tomorrow when they are all in school. Right now, I must go start bread.


Torina said...

You could give your extra stuff away on :) I get rid of and get "new" stuff all the time this way :)

Rachel and Jacob said...

whoa i almost got dizzy reading that! you got ALOT going on!

Megan said...

Paralyzed veterans pick up EVERYTHING! We cleaned out our garage and they took everything they could fit in their truck and best of all, they pick it up.

Click this and I will send you flair:)

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