Tuesday, February 3, 2009

...Big Boy is wondering why nobody did his laundry

Really? I haven't done your laundry in years.

But I left it in the washer last night.


And so it was wet this morning, and he got up late, and now all his clothes are wet because he has no buffer when it comes to clothes because he has to buy his own and he has better stuff to spend his money on.

And he didn't ask. Yes, if he would have asked, I would have contemplated it. He's been in drivers ed for a month and 2 hours a night does put a damper on your schedule. I'm not that horrible of a mother, come on. But I was completely unaware that there was damp laundry in the washer waiting for me to discover it.

So, he went to school slightly damp. Oh well.

In other kid news, Roran got a new roommate who is and I quote "awesome, new roomie is awesome." Yea! College is all about the roomie and having a good one. Sorry Holly....(I was a slob).

And speaking of education, Roran and I are teaching each other about RAWR and PTL. Me wondering if RAWR was a LMAO or a ROFL and not wanting to use it improperly and look like a big ol' D-O-R-K, turns out no, RAWR is apparently just RAWR. A greeting of sorts, not unlike hi or hey, and harder to type. She being 18 apparently missed the 80's had no idea what PTL was. One day we'll ROFL about this and her kids will REAC (roll eyes and cringe) or something even cooler. We won't know, we can't, it won't happen for another generation. And then we'll REAC, because we are lamo's.

Fare thee well my friends, until another day.


Torina said...

Does it make me sinister that deep down inside I get a little giggle when I hear my daughter shriek with horror when she discovers her clothes are STILL in the washing machine?

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Lucky you live where it is warm. Seriously if one of my girls had wet clothes they would have frozen stiff.

Annie said...

Torina, totally sinister, welcome to the club.

Essie, that scenario not so much funny at 6 - but totally so at 16. He wants to move someplace with "seasons".

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