Tuesday, February 3, 2009

...I'll give you my two cents

Yes, my baby Michael Phelps got pict'ed smoking weed. Let's all pretend we are shocked for a bit. A 20 something with tens of millions of dollars smoking a little weed.

Now, I like him. And that says a lot, because he does have an underage DUI on the books.

Is this going to get him dry docked? Will he be the golden boy in 2012? Does anyone care? It's swimming and the Olympics aren't for 3.5 years. If you don't get dry docked for a little underage DUI, I doubt a little doobage will get everybody's Speedo's in too much of a wad.

I like him, and he's been saturated with chlorine for 12 years, and has accomplished many great swimming things, all while missing a normal teen experience. This being said, he's taking a little break from his constant chlorine exposure to enjoy a little bit of his 15 minutes. My husband read a couple of months ago that if he wasn't back in the pool by February that he wouldn't be ready for the next Olympics. Yikes. Give the boy a break, or start holding all the other 23 year old boys in the world to a Michael Phelps standard. Either way I'm fine.

I'm more concerned about Secretary of Health and Human Services nominee, Tom Daschle not paying $140,000 in taxes.

Let me also add, those of you without sin may cast the first stone, but if you live in a glass house, maybe you shouldn't.

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Kellan said...

I'm with you on the Tom Daschle thing - who is he trying to kid! As far as Michael goes - I don't think it's going to hurt him and yes - we need to be focusing on bigger issues!

Take care - Kellan

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