Sunday, February 8, 2009

...I'm under too much pressure

I am decidedly unromantic. Sorry. I know my girl card is now under review, but remember I always have a perfect pedicure, and were wind not a factor here in the windy city by the sea, I'd always wear a skirt, so cut me some slack. God in His infinite wisdom, paired me with one who wants to be romantic. I, unfortunately, cannot not roll my eyes. I doubt that God is trying to send the message that men should be less romantic, so I guess this is my lesson. I'm trying though. I graciously accepted flowers last month.

That day of forced romance is quickly approaching, and since hubby does not want to put forth all sorts of effort and have me roll my eyes once again, it is now my task to come up with something FABULOUS to celebrate our love. Unfortunately spending the entire day in the bedroom is out, he is under pressure from his friends to brag about his awesome Valentine adventures, and tales from the bedroom are prohibited. (How does the man live with me, I know). But really, if he were to just say, "well that's private" or something equally elusive, and maybe throw in a wink wink, then he wouldn't need to say anything.

I don't need any Valentine's Day diamonds, and flowers this time of year, yikes. I would really, really love some Dove Chocolate Truffles, but apparently Dove has let me down this year. If I say "I'm fine, we just redid the kitchen, again." He'd say, "I can't tell my friends I got you new laminate." He's working on a blog redesign, but it doesn't have the cache with the friends either.

So, I have to think about what the other girls would hear about and elbow their men sharply and say "How come you never do that?" So, trip to Italy anyone? But wait, if I've ever learned anything in my extensive limited travels. Go west young girl. So, that leaves Hawaii and Vegas. Hawaii is too far and Vegas is too cold. Do you see the pressure I'm under? My poor hubby.

But if you can swing it while Vegas is super hot, baby. Eloping to Vegas. Room at the Bellagio, facing the fountains, and an Elvis impersonator to renew our undying love. That would be awesome. Of course that helps neither of us this weekend, and we're already married. I'm telling you baby, work on blushing on demand, eluding to "private matters" and a wink wink, I will work on shrieking "no don't tell them that." We'll be all they talk about on the ride home.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Handbags dear, always a handbag.

Rachel said...

You and I are twins, Annie.

You could get a babysitter, and then...go about life as usual? Blog?

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