Sunday, February 8, 2009

...the end of an era (or error)

Several years ago, like almost three, back when I had three that were one. I took on the task of remodeling the kitchen. I made it 90% awesome. I did not give myself enough counter space. Which I was happy about at the time because the quote for the trendy cool counter tops was OUTRAGEOUS. So, we put on the prefab laminate stuff from either the Blue or the Orange store. And I was, 90% happy. Well, having three years to think it through, I realized I made a crucial error in listening to the plumber who told me to put the dishwasher adjacent to the sink.

Yes, it took me three years to figure it out, I've had stuff to do, leave me alone. But call it revelation or an epiphany, whatever, but I finally figured if I turned the dishwasher 90 degrees, not only do I have a space to put the reverse osmosis filter, but I can add four feet of counter space. Brilliant. Slow, but brilliant.

Monday, the counter guy comes to put in real counter tops. I could be more excited. I was going to say couldn't, but really? I could. I am very happy to have a completed counter with four extra feet of counter top. It's the same super cool laminate that we got at the box store, only it will fit perfectly and be done. Now before all you man haters get on my husband for not finishing it, it's not his fault. It's totally mine, and thank God I didn't spend thousands of dollars three years ago, because I would have missed out on that extra space.

My dilema is that I have to move all of the stuff off of my counters and stash it somewhere for a couple of days. They say one, maybe two, but I'm thinking it never goes as planned. I don't want to move everything, but they are replacing the whole island so I have to. I'd rather be doing something fun.

So, if you don't hear much from me today, I'm busy. Don't try to chat with me on FB. I can't come out and play. I'll miss you. But when it's done I can rest easy. Install the backsplash, build a frame for the dishwasher side panel, build a panel to hide the RO filter, move the cabinet over the sink and put it by the window, make, paint and install shelves to go between cabinet and wall, possibly call an electrician to put more power on that wall, move the RO filter and find and purchase cute little stools for the bar that will be made for the littles to hang out and watch while I perform my magic. While I'm at it I might as well replace the window and put in a skylight.

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