Sunday, February 1, 2009

...for an update on my 2009 goals list

Since it is the first of the month, we'll use this time to post how I'm progressing with them all.

1. Have dining room and kitchen area company ready at all times
I cleaned the laundry room last week, that's been clean for a week, if you come over we can sit and chat in there.

2. Exercise every day for not less than 10 minutes. (Going with what I can stick with)
Doing so so, does walking around Sam's club count?

3. Drink more water than Coke
Not so good, although I have started drinking OJ first thing in the morning as opposed to Coke upon waking, that's probably better. Still working on the water.

4. Work budget so we can live without foster money
Well, thanks to a Christmas surprise, I was able to get two weeks ahead on all my bills. If you don't count daycare expenses and rent at college we'd be there already. Maybe two more months... I am in the middle of a room switch, furniture repurposing, finally installing my countertops project.

5. Try 12 new recipes
OH yeah! We had Rosemary Chicken Kabobs the other night. Yummo. And my RLF Tiff sent me some awesome recipes that I will be trying forthwith.

6. Cook from scratch five nights a week
I'm rockin this one pretty much. Also I've been rockin it with, what the internet has dubbed, planned overs. Planning leftovers so you can do something easy when you don't feel up to an all the way meal from scratch.

7. Come up with 10 awesome appetizers and have an appetizer party
Oh yea, have four, if I can ever get the funky bread shapes out of the funky bread making containers, otherwise, three I'm really excited about.

8. Find out what is under my bed.....
Still a mystery, although I'm guessing shoes, shoes, and mmmmm, shoes.

9. Know where my keys are at all times
Yes, black box on top of the microwave, (most of the time)

10. Help each of the big boys save $500
Not yet

11. Donate unused clothes so that all clothes fit NEATLY in closet

12. Pay off car


So, there it is, my progress report. Good thing is I'm still awesome. Sorry all the Google readers who got the draft, the first snuck up on me.


Rachel and Jacob said...

i really goota do the visitor ready thing... im just not unpacked yet!! ok so yeah get off the computer and do it --right.. ahk but so not fun!

Rob and Morgan said...

Is anyone really visitor friendly at all times? So over rated ;)

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

yes, walking around Sams counts.

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