Saturday, January 31, 2009's just another Saturday

Hubby delayed disc golf today, and for all Saturday's in the future because we don't have enough laying around snuggling time in the mornings. He got up to get a Monster and his Ipod a little before 8 and before he got back Booger had taken his place. Yes we did sing a chorus of "Cecilia" to commemorate the occasion. Hubby scooched him over, and we were all out of bed at about 20 after, that's sleeping in around here.

Hubby went disc golfing, I fed the kids, took a shower, took Big Boy to drivers ed. I did three loads of laundry, cleaned the laundry room, hand washed dishes, (still with the possessed dishwasher)all while I watched a Jetson's episode featuring drivers ed. Jane, wanted to learn how to drive, George didn't want to be responsible for releasing a woman driver into the world. Is this the 60's or the future? Also, can't wait for the future, her 10 lessons only cost $20.

Driving was over at noon and the seven of us descended upon the corner room, FKA as Booger's bedroom, to turn it into the corner office. After a quick trip to the big orange store, we stripped the carpet, pulled out the carpet strips (a yucky task on a slab foundation), installed a new ceiling fan, spackled and painted. We were done by 3 so we went swimming, what else?

Right now, I've got dinner brewing. It's going to be awesome. The Rosemary Chicken Kabobs from The Biggest Loser the other night. I'll let you know.

Tomorrow, we're laying woodish type flooring, and trim and hubby will have himself an office. After, of course, disc golf, church, swimming and cooking. Thanks to the DVR we'll start the Super Bowl an hour late, oh wait, we're not going to want to fast forward through these commercials, oh well, then we'll fast forward through the game.

Well, I'm off to continue in my domestic goddessness, making tsaziki (sp?)and fruit and yogurt cups.

And in other news, hubby and I are celebrating 12 years together today. He commented earlier that 12 years ago today, was not a very fun day for me. I told him we had to stop celebrating kids birthday's if that was going to be a requirement.

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