Wednesday, January 14, 2009

...we have tried, it just cannot be done.

Get Felpsy lost that is. He is his own personal GPS. On the way to the psychiatrist, which happens to be near the psychiatric hospital Mr. Brandon's old house. Which coincidentally Mr. Brandon hasn't lived in in almost six months. Felpsy said "oh this is the way to Mr. Brandon's old house."


I guess I shouldn't be surprised. If someone stole me from my house six different times, I'd probably memorize every twist and turn in case it happened again. I guess I get to endure the "is this the day my mom gives up on me?" test. Every day.

Of course Roran cannot find our next door neighbor's house. Well, it's not quite that bad, but still....I guess if we get them early enough and keep them long enough they feel secure enough to let us lead the way.

Here's to hoping that Texas doesn't go and screw it up for this boy.


Amy said...

Wow, I never thought of it that way, but it makes total sense. Sad.

Rachel said...

Direct me to the post that tells the whole story about middle boy.

Brandon Cunningham said...

So does that make me a landmark? Cool.

Rachel and Jacob said...

i just updated my self to you cast of characters :)

Click this and I will send you flair:)

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Cast of Characters

  • BOB - Born of the body children
  • BOTH - Born of the heart children
  • Roran aka Big Girl - 18 year old BOB daughter - recently booted from the nest
  • Big Boy - 15 year old BOB son
  • Radical - 9 year old BOB son who fyi is not RAD
  • Felpsy aka lil middle - 4 year old BOTH boy who is RAD and is the cumin in our soup
  • Booger - 4 year old BOTH boy, sib to Felpsy, Twin to....
  • Princess - 4 year old BOTH girl. Diva,