Thursday, January 15, 2009

...I experienced an event, that I will not be able to blog about

You're all curious now. You should be. It is HILARIOUS. If you are not me. If you happen to be me, it's horrifying. And yet, as a writer, I can appreciate the contribution it would make to society.

Don't even try getting me to blog about it. There is no way this is going on my permanent record. I've already notified the bff's that this is a story they need to hear. One of them doesn't read my blog, she was not nearly as excited as those who do to hear my story, she replied to my txt, 'hmmm, sounds interesting'. She has no idea how funny I happen to be. I am not this hilarious in person. Which is why, occasionally, you'll see a comment that says "I had no idea you were so funny." That is a RL friend who just started reading.

But still, I am dieing, DIEING I say, to tell some of you. But as it also involves other people, I'd need lawyers attorneys, (I always say attorney out loud, my husband is convinced that I say lawyer incorrectly, and I got tired of getting crap about it, don't hate him, he's good people) but anyway, I'd need attorneys and disclaimers, and well, it just isn't worth it.

Finally, an excuse for a girls weekend in Vegas. Det's to come. It'll be legen-wait for it-dary. I wish I knew Barney.

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Amy said...

This is just cruel! =)

(I'm chanting... spill it, spill it, spill it!)

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