Thursday, January 15, 2009

...I'm exhausted

I hate winter, the short days get to me. I guess one solution would be sleeping more/being on computer less, but I'll opt for complaining.

I'm frustrated with stupid people. I hate our orthodontist. We went to him originally on the recommendation of a friend. She worked there and got a commission for bringing us in. I'm fine with that. The thing is this guy feels the need to bring me in and show me all the fine work he's done. I HATE TEETH. So for FOUR years plus, I've told them, "no thanks, don't need to see any teeth." Today was to have been the final day of our orthodontia 2.0 experience. We went through the same thing with Roran.

We had a 10:15 appointment was supposed to take 1.5 hours. I checked him out of school a little after 10:00 so we were right on time. I dropped off Big Boy. Did not get six blocks away and he was calling me to tell me they weren't taking them off and the doctor wanted to see me. (Did I mention I have to turn left across four lanes of traffic to get out of his office) (Did I also mention we were there 10 days ago to make sure we were done enough to do this?)I also had to drop off coats at the preschool, because Princess had unpacked them so we arrived coatless. So, after I drop off the coats and go back to the orthodontist I went in to schedule another appointment. This is not something they allow Big Boy to do, even though for four years I always turn around and ask the kid in question which times work for him, based on what is happening in their classes. Big Boy is aware which days work for me, and which times, he knows that is when to schedule based on his schedule. GRRR.

They then inform me that the "doctor wishes to speak to me" This is where I lose it.

I do not want to see him. He is only going to show me teeth, and teeth pictures and gross things that I do not wish to see. If THE DOCTOR feels that the treatment is not done, where does he need my input? As long as it isn't costing us money, I don't care. The assistant then tells me that "he's with a patient and I'll have to wait."

No way am I waiting. I'm already altering my day, and the doctor was supposed to be spending 1.5 hours on my son at the time, there shouldn't be any other patients needing his attention at this time.

"Well", they informed me that my son needed "some dental work". Well, unless he is expecting ME to do the dental work, then I don't really need to speak to him. Write up some orders and send them to the dentist. I can't even discuss teeth without feeling nauseous. Is he expecting me to tell the dentist he needs a something or another on his pointy teeth?

So, I asked what part of that needed to be explained to me by the doctor. Well, he wants to show you why we can't take the braces off today. OVER FOUR YEARS, NEVER ONCE HAVE I LOOKED INTO ANY ONE'S MOUTH, PUT IT IN A CHART! In my world this is as important as the penicillin allergy. Give me my own sticker, put a princess crown on it for all I care, I AM NOT LOOKING IN ANY MOUTHS.

Then in one final push to get me to give the doctor some face time, he wants to show you how your son's treatment has progressed.

"Well, all I know is that he's 0/2 in finishing treatment on a 'worst case scenario' plan."

Luckily my friend decided to step in and check us out, offering to put notes in the chart for them. She checked us out and our computer generated school excuse had a time stamp of 10:27. I took him to the ortho for a total of TWELVE MINUTES, and I'll remind you, we were just there 10 days ago. And because of the driving across town to pick him up my total expenditure of time was an hour twenty. He didn't even miss a whole class. SUCH A WASTE OF TIME - WE WERE JUST THERE.


Rachel said...



I'm never going to stop laughing, ever. Why do you hate teeth? They aren't gross like boogers or diapers. Or do you think they are?

Annie said...

I used to have this recurring nightmare that I was chewing Chicklets gum, but wait THEY WERE MY TEETH. Blegh.

Other teeth related issues? My childhood dentist, before he was my dentist was a dentist on an aircraft carrier. He hated crying. He'd put his knee on my chest and threaten that I would never see my family again. Then he would tell me he had pulled teeth in the middle of a hurricane on an aircraft carrier with no crying.

Yes, sir, you were working on MEN, not four year old little girls.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I am so sorry for your sucky day, but that is hilarious!!!! Sounds like your ortho is highly overblown with his own over- importance.
I despise waiting for a doctor. Or anyone else who thinks their presence is so valuable that I should stop everything to be in it.

hsmomma5 said...

Our orthodontist isn't that bad, but we are FOUR years into what was supposed to take two. I blamed it on the fact that for well over a year my son refused to do what was required of him, but now I am starting to wonder as she keeps telling him "soon" but it is not happening. Of course, he is fit to be tied. I on the other hand am just tired of hauling him to appointments.

OMG--are you serious that your childhood dentist threatened you would never see you family again??? That is awful!!!

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