Tuesday, January 13, 2009

...I need to build houses

I know houses are built like everything else, everything as close to the same so as not to cost too much, but don't you ever get annoyed by the little things that shouldn't be that difficult but are never there?

Like outlets in the halls, how hard would that be, instead I have to find a centrally located bedroom to plug in the vacuum, and hope that The unattended cord doesn't knock something over.

Or why, why, why Lord why, can't there be floor drains in rooms that might get wet? Like say the bathroom, especially one where say, four boys share? Why?

Floor drains would also be helpful in kitchens and dining rooms, and whatever happened to the mudroom? I want one of those.

The other thing that I'm seriously am thinking I might add to our house, is outlets in the kids bedrooms, on the ceiling. Or at least VERY high up. The kids like twinkle lights in their rooms, of course the chord hangs down and curiosity being what it is, they don't last long. And if they have a music player, you either have to put in music you don't much care about or worry that they'll pull it down on their heads, if it were 7 feet off the ground, most kids wouldn't be able to get to it.

I also like the idea of a centralized dressing room for the kids off the bathroom that is near the laundry. A. All clothes are either on their bodies or in that room, clean or dirty or somewhere in between, clothes belong in that room. B. Laundry would be sooooo much easier to put away. And lets face it, where is the first and last place you go every day? That's right, the bathroom. Go there before bed, get your jammies on, put your clothes in a hamper, wake up, go there a reverse the process. IS THIS NOT GENIUS? At least until the kids are buying their own clothes, then we could use the closets for what God intended, fort building and hideouts.

I would love a pantry ROOM, not just a glorified cupboard that only looks like it holds a lot, but in actuality if you want to store a lot of stuff in the back, it requires the constant rearranging. On this note, a butlers pantry that is for the stuff you need and want occasionally, but spends most of the year in the way.

Also, why do kids bedrooms need to be 4000 sf? Make them 8x10 cells, mine are never in theirs anyway.

Bathroom in the garage?

A transition room from the back yard to the house? With a bathtub or shower in it? You would think that is a lot of bathrooms, but if you made the garage, near the back that had a bathroom in the hall that led to the backyard, not a big deal.

And a must in any house I live in, the pantry is near the garage.

If I only had the time.....oh and definitely a therapy room.


Amy said...

I can absolutely hear you on the outlets in the hall! Come on, that's a given!

mom's should design houses!

hsmomma5 said...

Yes, girl! I agree 100% with all of those ideas. Would you believe that we do not even have a outlet in the hall OR the bathroom?? It's the craziest thing!

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