Monday, January 12, 2009

...for more training

Occasionally, as a public service to those of you who don't have access to state mandated parent training, I share what I've learned. Here is what we learn this month.

A foster home must store hatchets, saws and axes so they are inaccessible to children.

Caregivers must give children food of adequate quality and in sufficient quantity to supply the nutrients necessary for proper growth and development. (FEED THEM. NOT JUST CHIPS AND SODA)

Caregivers must feed an infant whenever the infant is hungry (REALLY?)

Best practices suggests that children not go more than three hours without a snack or meal being offered, unless the child is sleeping. (I did not make that up)

Milk should be fluid milk. (you mean I can't spoon feed the formula still in powder form?)

Food cannot be withheld.

Children must be inside the vehicle when transported. (I know this means, not the bed of a truck, but why can't they just say that?) It goes on to say that children must not be on the hood or the trunk when the vehicle is moving. (it says nothing about IN the trunk)

A lifeguard who is supervising the area where the children are swimming may be counted in the child/adult ratio. (Really? You mean just let the lifeguard, like do their job, hey I have an idea, lets just stay home)

Behavior intervention may never be used "as a means to get a child to comply" (run amok kids, I can't do anything.)


Tracey said...


hsmomma5 said...

And just to think....if BIRTH parents had to go through "training", we'd be out of a job, now wouldn't we??? :)

Rachel said...

absurd. you are tough as nails, Annie. now, go to my blog and tell me what to do about my daughter's violin lessons. seriously. i'm about to ruin her. i am a classical musician!! i have no perspective!!

Rachel said...

extremely helpful. will you send me a bill, or....?

Rachel and Jacob said...

ok so I thought this was gunna be a potty training post.... :) I have done Floridas model approach to parenting and the Universities Positive Parenting course... whats NEXT!? i wonder.... Oh but i posted pics of our new foster home.... :) yeah yeah yeha I want a sibling group right away!!!

Sugar-n-Spice said...

Oh, i've missed you! but i caught up yesterday and today. what great posts! you make me laugh. i just love that you are out there... verbalizing what i can't seem to say quite so well! oh, the system.

you and i should revise it. put our own into action. how different would it look?

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