Sunday, January 25, 2009

...I most certainly did.

While the rest of y'all play "Not Me Monday" I'm fessing up. I drug my little boys to school in their undies.

With the twins' birthday last week, we had some issues of "life's not fair" with Felpsy. "Everybody else gets a birthday....wah wah wah" I am a tad more compassionate in person, but not much. "It's not your birthday, get over it."

We don't have many rules around here, but the ones we have are stringently enforced. And Thursday was the day the little boys decided to test the "I'll send you to school in your undies" rule. Which is a sub rule of "Mom does nothing for you that you can do for yourself" This includes dressing yourself. I don't pick out your clothes, I don't put them on for you, I don't make sure your favorite shirt is clean on the day you want to wear it. It is also a rule that "Mom doesn't sweat the small stuff" I figure if you aren't dressed when it's time to leave the house, then that is your choice.

Many times before, we've tested Mom in the area of shoes. If you aren't wearing your shoes I'll throw them in the car, but I'm not putting them on you. Well, like I said, the little boys decided to test the theory of "I'll take you in your undies" I totally did. And what would have been a very long fight at home, was quickly resolved in the parking lot at school. They managed to get their shirt and shorts on (yes shorts, it was 70 here that day, I won't kill them to prove my point)on before they got out of the car, but I left their shoes and socks on the sidewalk and waited patiently for them to finish, I didn't have to wait long. And for the past three days, guess who was dressed first?

I'm guessing this issue is not entirely put the rest. But I'm guessing it will be napping for awhile.


Tracey said...


Torina said...

That is awesome. I have taken Tara to school in her jammies. It only took one time :)

Amy said...


Maury said...

Isn't it funny how tough love works so well sometimes!?! Good for you, and I am cracking up!

Rachel said...

hahahaha! you are so hardcore.

hsmomma5 said...

I love it!

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