Tuesday, December 2, 2008

...We're off to see the wizard

Again, well, not us personally per se, but it's a court day. Our lives should not change significantly today. There are so many people involved and so many opinions and suggestions as to what is going to happen. Who knows? One camp says it's going their way, the other camp thinks it's going their way. We have almost four years of legal precedence going our way. But as you all know anything can and does happen.

We've opted not to go to court. Seven hours round trip for a 2:00 hearing that will not negatively impact us was not how we chose to spend our Wednesday. Which is good, because I will be taking Felpsy to the orthopedist today to have a broken humorous set. I have a feeling that the only thing humorous about the whole thing is going to be the actual bone. All of you who know him, know that six weeks of limited activity is going to be a challenge.

Not that I want him to be hurt, but it might well suit our missing eighteen months of dependence. He's been fully capable since the day he walked into our lives. Now, he's going to need to rely on me for some things. Here's to hoping.

So, say a little prayer for our court case. Say another for our medical issues. Say another for our mental health. Also, keep Mama in your prayers as well, she really believes that tomorrow is going to go her way, and according to the grapevine not only will it not be status quo, they are finally going to start pressing some issues.

Hugs and kisses


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Praying for ya'll. Also not sure who your ortho is, but I have worked with several Timperlake patients and they seem to get good results.

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