Saturday, December 20, 2008

...have you seen your daughter's hair?

Mmmmm? Yes.

This was the question posed to me last week at church. Yes, Big Girl was sporting a rainbow mohawk. No, I don't care. Now it's Cherry Bomb, either in celebration of Christmas or of Al Gore's bestest invention, the internet and its ability to connect her with hair color not available in our local marketplace.

She's eighteen. Has no job, no immediate prospects for one, this is the one time in her life where she can get away with a Cherry Bomb mohawk. What concerns me is the miniskirts over the jeans, that one I don"t get. Was it just too close to call this morning when you were getting dressed? For goodness sake, make a decision. Skirt OR pants, not both.

I would much rather she come home with a rainbow mohawk than a guy with a rainbow mohawk, or a meth problem. And let's face it, were I to freak out about hair, and piercings, and clothing choices, my freaking out about meth would have little impact.

Of course she is completely oblivious to the current economic state our country is in and our own teachings regarding credit. All she really wants for Christmas is a student loan. You don't need a loan YOU NEED A JOB. But this falls under the category of not my problem, she really is a Big Girl and one day will reap this harvest of laziness. I could lecture, but I won't, I'll rant a little here because if I remember anything about being 18 is that parents have nothing to teach us.

Truth be told, her life works quite well for her. Why work when somebody will give you money not to? She does not recall the chaos that was my life 15 years ago. All that chaos was a result of many many poor decisions when I was 18. She doesn't realize it took twice as long to get to where I am because I had the baggage of those decisions to carry.

Right now she's not going to church or seeking God in any visible way. I think it sucks but if she's not being convicted in herself how am I going to do that for her. God will take her where he needs to to get her back. Just as He did with me. I can talk with her, pray for her, but I cannot make her get it. He will, in His time, for His glory.


rachel said...

:) you seem like such a fascinating mom!

Rachel said...

and a word from another Rachel: You sound like a rock solid, awesome mom. Right on (in my "been-nowhere, done-nothing" opinion about raising teenagers) regarding the hair. I'll pray that the Lord will woo her and win her. I was a late (spiritual) bloomer, despite having been raised in a Christian home. I was 20 when I got saved.

Lisa said...

I am loving your blog!

Click this and I will send you flair:)

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