Wednesday, December 24, 2008

...oh I hope I'm around for Armegeddon

I know, I know. DO NOT GO TO THE GROCERY STORE OF CHRISTMAS EVE. It should have been a commandment, but even God could not know the horror of it all. Even though I have it all together, there are some things that are important enough to break fake commandments. Ham Balls. Yep, that's right. Ham Balls.

We had our annual Christmas Eve Eve Dinner last night, and despite my quadruple batch of ham balls, we didn't have enough to sustain us through the weekend. So, to the store I go. BTW our party was fabu, as was the food, and it was great to see everybody, except Brandon, who knows I'm kidding. We like him too.

But, like I said, 12 Ham Balls does not get hubby and I through the weekend. So back to the grocer for mo meat, and croissants, because really who has that much butter on hand? You'd think that there was a one day only opening of this store where everything was 90% off. All 400 lanes had lines. Poor kid who was scanning the items in my lane looked as if he were about to lose it at any moment. The whole time I was thinking, this store was opened yesterday, and it will be opened on Friday, can we not live for 32 hours without access to it? I got my meat and some produce and got the heck out of there. It's likely that someone will be trampled before the night is over.

I just don't want to be around for an actual food emergency. Hurricane season will see our pantry stocked. Of course there is the argument that you shouldn't stock your freezer anytime you might be likely to bug out, but isn't that what coolers and the Residence Inn in San Antonio are for?

Anyway, calm down people, there will be food on Friday. As for me, next year I'm making six batches and having enough for three more on hand. And I'll be right back in line at the grocery store on Christmas Eve.

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