Friday, October 17, 2008

...I'm lovin' it.

My latest blog header picture. It's a quilt I made 6 years ago, and eventually gave up on quilting it myself 2 years ago. Hubby had it quilted for me for Christmas. I wish I would have done it sooner. It makes me happy everytime I see it, whether it's on my bed or on my blog.

Also loving athletic tape. I got a heel spur during yesterday's run, hubby showed me how to tape it. Yeah, no break in running. Once you stop it's four times as hard to resume. Already at the end of week three.

Also, the hubby. Quilting and taping. So, cool.

This. It's an answer to my prayers.

My kitchen, although these pictures don't do it justice. Love the ginormous sink. Also made possible by my hubby. The "twins" humongous freezer and fridge. Also love my dining room table, it was my grandma's. It has hosted a lot of meals at her house as well as mine. The stories it could tell. Ty Pennington couldn't get me to part with it.

My dog is not on the verge of death as we had thought, just a very bad bladder infection, and if you've ever had one of those....ouch.

My fam is coming for Thanksgiving. I think that seven are confirmed as coming. I never know, they were all raised by wolves. Add to that my eight. Fifteen is such a tiny number when it comes to my family. When we were growing up, twenty for Sunday lunch was insulting. It's hilarious to hear my mom distress in a restaurant that there are 'only 29' and then try to figure who is missing.

Anyway, those are the things I'm lovin'.

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Rachel and Jacob said...

I want to have a thanksgiving at my house toooo... im just livin in a condo apt but I love it tooo.

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