Thursday, October 16, 2008

....we meet Joe and Joe and Joe and Joe

Joe number 1. Joe six pack. I guess that's you and me and the guy we sit next to at church every week, and the guy who brings our mail, the guys bearing arms to provide for our common defense. I guess, but why the six pack? Anyway, the candidates seem to be very concerned with him. McCain/Palin are Joe Six Pack. They have been there and done that, when it comes to any issue that JSP might have. Working Moms, sons in Iraq, haven't always been the evil rich. They show us what we can achieve when we work for it.

Obama/Biden wants to be the ones to help Joe Six Pack out of their squalor. Joe Six Pack can barely make it, unless and until O/B get into the White House. JSP needs to send his kids to school, we'll pay for it. JSP needs to get meds for his mom, we'll pay for that. JSP can't do it on his own. The man is keeping him down.

Speaking of which, Joe the plumber has been able to make it on his own. I'm wondering how much plumbing work I'm going to get done in the 4th quarter, when Joe the plumber realizes he's on track to hit the $250K mark if he keeps working. Here's his incentive to work as hard as he can under the Obama plan. If he makes over the 250K he loses his "tax break"/welfare payment, AND is hit with a HUGE tax increase. If I remember correctly, the projected effective tax rate will be in the upper 40% range. Giving him an after tax income of around $150K. Why not just stop working when you hit the $150K mark? Giving yourself a 5 month vacation every year. Also wondering if middle America is thinking about how far $250K will get you in New York or LA.

And our other Joe for the day? Senator Biden. Over the past ten years his Adjusted Gross Income has been $2,450,042 yes, over two million dollars. His charitable contributions over that time period, according to his tax records? $3,690.00 meaning that just over 1/8 of 1% of his income has been donated to charity. He explains here that his tax return does not indicate his true charitable nature. He also gives to his church. (aren't those tax deductible?) Apparently he doesn't pay attention at church, if he did he'd claim the whole 10% which would be closer to $245,000 -

Just wondering how long our country can survive. Wondering when God will get tired of giving him the finger. Wondering how many screws He's going to have to turn before we get it. I have not given up on a McCain victory, but understand if God needs to turn a few screws Obama will win and we'll be screwed for sure.

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