Saturday, October 18, 2008


3/4 sleeves? Let's not.

Questions for forgotten passwords. Our bank has things like "favorite song, favorite movie" I don't know about you, but that answer changes hourly. Do you think that I'm likely to remember what my favorite whatever was when I answered the question six months ago? No. Also, please indicate if it's case sensitive. I can't remember if I said m&m or M&M.

I'm supposed to give up Coke for two weeks. Our church sponsors Living Water International. They drill wells in developing countries. Thousands of children die every day because they do not have access to clean water. They've asked that we make water our only drink for the next two weeks and use the money we've saved by not drinking machiato's or whatever. Since it is not a Biblical and or salvation issue, I've substituted my own wisdom in this matter. I will be matching funds as the "Daniel diet" still looms in our memories. The world is a better place when I have access to the Coke. Yes, I sound like a justificating junkie, and I don't have a problem with that.

*****The Daniel diet is where you, like Daniel (as in the Lion's Den)in order to be strong and healthy, you go vegan for two weeks and drink nothing but water. Not for me.****

Three weeks down in the Couch to 5K, hold please.......yes, I'm still alive.

Booger and hubby have been sick for the better part of the week, the rest of us have been spared thus far.

And to be on top of things, my not me Monday for tomorrow is. "I did not sit abnormally long at at stop SIGN today, waiting for the light to turn green. Not me."

While I would love to share more, all is quiet in the house, and I must go and enjoy that for a moment.

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Rachel and Jacob said...

I actually had to look up the Daniel Diet before commenting :)

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