Sunday, September 21, 2008

...I promise, this is IT.

This is the final chapter of the beginning of our life. Part one, we find out that I lead a scandalous life in my twenties. Part two, we find out why you should listen to your gut when it tells you to run from someone. Part three, cleaned up my old life.

So, I am a new divorce' with two kids. I had moved in with a man I had two brief encounters and maybe three conversations with. We lived in a studio apartment. We were happy little clams. We stayed in the tiny little studio for a month, all four of us and the dog. We moved to bigger digs awhile later, and every night for the next 1245 days (give or take) he kissed my forehead and told me goodnight. Just had he had the very first night. Once we got together we never found it necessary to part. The first night we ever spent apart was a simultaneous family emergency and child sickness.

We do not have an all consuming love, thank God, those are exhausting. We started out great and after about three years fell into the same rut lots of couples do. The novelty, the kids, the jobs were all taking their toll. By five years we were not content that this would be our life. We stumbled our way into church and sat through not one, not two but three excruciating relationship series. And one by one started apply the word of God to our life. I tried to figure out what I could do for him. He did the same. When it stopped being about the collective me, and became about us, it grew into what we have today. We are the lovey dovey couple we were in the beginning although it is laughable to think that we could have been in love in the beginning, now that we know what it actually is. We have our struggles but he is there to drag me kicking and screaming take me places that grow me as a person. And I hope that I do the same for him.

We'll be celebrating 12 years of his kissing my forehead goodnight in a few short months. In that time we got married, got pregnant, (in that order, but everybody still did period math when we told them) had a not so little boy and started living our happily ever after.

Somewhere along the way God wove together a beautiful not so little family and turned us into a bunch of freaks for Him. Restoring our wasted years and giving us more than we could ever dream of.

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