Monday, September 15, 2008

...I finally find an award for Gallup

So, if you've been with me for the past year, you know my love affair with Gallup, New Mexico. I believe that it exists purely because it was mentioned in the song "Route 66" otherwise evolution would have expelled it from the planet.

Let's fondly remember the burning sensation all over my body I got from the hotel pool, or the walls that 'bled' because they were so dirty. The non-smoking room which was only classified 'non-smoking' because it wasn't currently on fire. And last but not least, the discovery, after spending the night, that our hotel room didn't even lock. Wahooo.

I could go on about the restaurant, the donuts, the Amtrak train going the wrong way, oh yes, they seem like a fond memory today.......

But finally, an award worthy of the town. Smalltown Gems has a classification, although not yet award to Gallup, it's only a matter of time, of 'The Hall of Shame' where it instructs you "Do not stop in these towns unless you experience 3 or more simultaneous flat tires. " It's beautiful, but you can see that from the car as you speed thru.

Amen, and amen.

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Tracey said...

Gallup.....sorry....don't go there......

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