Sunday, September 14, 2008

...I wonder about building codes.

After several days inside with five kids and the whole city shut down, unnecessarily mind you, for the hurricane that didn't happen, we are wondering if we can put in a sports arena in the back yard. I'm thinking it would be a great idea. We have not one, not two, but three play rooms. We cannot, however, get all of our sillies out inside the house.

We had friends down the road from where we used to live that had a full unfinished basement. The kids could go down there, throw balls, ride bikes, whatever. Basements are out here in our little coastal community. I think that a big sports barn would be a great solution. I also had a friend growing up that had dug out a hole in the back yard to put their trampoline in so that it was ground level. It was lots of fun, and no one ever fell off. So, my barn will have one of those, shh don't tell the state. My kids are forbidden from ever being on a trampoline. They care so much for these foster children.

Yes, I know the perfect solution would have been the indoor playground I wanted to put in the abandoned grocery store down the street. They still claim that it is under contract, although the sign is still up and there has been no work done in 6 months. So apparently it is not to be at this time. Someday.

So, until the rain stops, the mud dries up, the mosquitoes die and I get the sports arena built in the back yard, we will have to live with the screaming.


chickadee said...

those rainy days can be hard to survive! it didn't rain as many days here as it did with gustav.

Sohl Gal said...

Nuts... I agree with the in-ground trampoline. I spend a few rockin' summer days jumping my brains out in college.

Brandon Cunningham said...

Maybe that indoor soccer haus on Holly. Maybe we could buy that and put the kids in it.

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