Wednesday, August 27, 2008

...we thank God for Al Gore

Did I just say that? Yes, he of course invented the internet and without the internet I would not know these people. Or this person. I will save a lot of money on therapy.

Also on the web this week I met a girl who was kicked out of the same Bible college as me. We are currently coming up with a t-shirt design for our club. Of course my sins weren't as bad as her sins, but I'll still allow her to be in the club. Yes, that is a log in my eye. are you judging me? You can't be in the club.

One of my favorites, which will remain anonymous because he has enough people criticizing him for no reason, is the blogger who doesn't really get blogging, writing on his blog that blogging is a waste of time for most people. Well, damnit my kids are cute and you should know, (it's on an invite only blog), don't ask for an invite if you can't handle the possible rejection. Also, I feel that you should know that I like M&M's and Coca-Cola, in case you want to send me something for my birthday on Sunday cuz I've been too busy to plan my own party. Shanda???? You don't read my blog do you?

Her cakes rock.

If anyone wants to come to my birthday party let me know so I can make enough bread. And this is why I blog.

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