Wednesday, August 27, 2008

of irony, or maybe not.

First, thank you almight USPS for finally coming out with Forever stamps. These are a wonderful thing for people who never mail anything. I know I'm your target audience. I promise to mail more now that I don't have to think about what the price of stamps is, and whether or not I've bought stamps in the past two years, and whether or not I should add four extra just in case, or if they are bump up stamps from the last time you bumped your prices. I promise.

In fact just today, I used a Forever stamp. And I know for those of us (girls) who became adults before the advent of email, stamps used to be a means of communication. Although I don't think you guys got it, but it was there. You sent heartsy love stamps to those you love, and regular stamps to update the parents and others who might feel compelled to send you money in your college years.

It pained me, (not really), greatly to send a letter using a "forever" stamp today. It's ironic, that the letter was going to an ex who happened to impregnate me, and our only contact all these years has been through Child Support Enforcement. He wanted contact information on his daughter, which he could have gotten any number of ways over the past 18 years, including calling my parents whose number hasn't changed since before I was born. I gave him my info. We'll see what he does with it, she wants the money, I don't blame her.

I'll give her a break, she is in college, is on her own, and probably witnessed her share of my money issues over the years.

So, maybe it's irony that I had to use a Forever stamp to someone whom I've not seen in 15 years, or maybe it's not, because it seems like I'll be dealing with this forever.

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