Sunday, August 24, 2008

....of discovery

My husband discovered I have a highly addictive personality. You think he'd have figured that out with all the Coke (big C), chocolate, shopping and sex. You'd think that one could figure out that I like feeding my endorphins. You'd think, but no. What gave it away? Biofreeze, it's like Icy Hot, only better.

We went away for the weekend and I did not have full time access to my ice packs, so I was slathering on the Biofreeze as often as recommended on the packaging. My husband joked that I was addicted, then there were jokes about Vicodin, then we realized that drug addictions really aren't funny.

I noticed that I might have an addictive personality years ago, at the time it was Mountain Dew. Over the years I have consumed so much that my body now rejects it. True story, my insides start itching if I do the Dew. I don't know if your insides have ever itched, but it is unpleasant, take it from me. Although I still love you Dew. Every once in awhile I just get the urge to drink Mountain Dew and eat Atomic Fireballs. This of course would require 2 Benadryl and a drool rag, but it sounds heavenly. (Hello newbies, I'm allergic to fake cinammon and Benadryl knocks me OUT)

My tendencies towards addiction have also kept me from gambling for 15 years. I did every once in awhile in college, but realized, thank you Tetris, that wagering money on video games would not be a wise financial plan for my life. I have been to Vegas six times and have only gambled one quarter the entire time. I lost. Come to think of it, it may not have even been my quarter. Wonder if that counts?

I can channel my powers for good though, latest addiction if family law code. I know, it's a sickness, but it fluctuates between helping my peace of mind in that there are laws being broken that should be able to be resolved, and pissing me off that there are laws being broken and no one seems to care.

I also like to run, and have been cleared medically to do so, yippee. But first comes my longest standing addiction....sleep.


JustTheFactsMa'am said...

I've never heard of insides itching, but that's good to know so that I can try to avoid the same problem...I'm a Diet Coke addict.

I'm also a family law junkie. It drives the caseworkers crazy when I know more than they do. A little competition is healthy, though, don'tcha think? *grin*

BrutallyHonest said...

Coffee anyone?

Love it!

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