Sunday, August 24, 2008

...I went church hopping.

I've been at the same church for six years now, which seems impossible, but I have. This morning we had two choices, both would have been awesome. First was this one whose worship leader is this guy. We passed, due ONLY to the lengthy drive that lay ahead. We went here instead.

It's a baby of our church. And it's toddling along quite nicely. It meets in an IMAX theater, and is AWESOME. It's one of those new fangled churches. Fill in the blank type services. These are great for people who are new to the church experience. No competition to see who can find Obadiah first while not missing the point. And even more new fangled, Twitter. All the points were reinforced via Twitter, so if you missed it, Twitter tweeted and you filled in the blank. Also, the guy speaking today, not the Lead Pastor, but a real guy with real problems and real things to say. Road rage, looking at hotties, falling in love with the wrong people, all the stuff us real people deal with. As he talked, people tweeted about his Young Love:) aaaahhhhh, and Oooh road rage, all of which was cool. Also, he'd throw out a Bible verse that wasn't written down for us and someone would ask if anyone knew what the verse was and someone would answer. It wasn't the least bit distracting for those of us who have had a computer since pre-K and are used to multi-tasking. I couldn't get my phone to Twitter along, but next time I go I'll be prepared. Good thing, I'm sure I'd get all the tweets on my phone, instead of relying on my ever failing eyesight.

Also, the lead pastor Kevin is super nice. My husband has done some work with him. He has an amazing story and should never have to doubt that God's hand was upon his life. Just when you think that you had your life all figured out.....boom you find out God has something different in mind. So, if you are ever in San Antonio on a Sunday morning, go check it out. And set up your Twitter before hand.

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Lidia Perez said...

I am very happy to hear this guy Ralph spoke the word last sunday. I know God has has his hand over Ralph since he was a child. God has great things in store for Imagine Fellowship. Will pray God power & Blessings over the church, pastor and congregation. Love LEP

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