Saturday, August 9, 2008

...Close Call and Mind Dump

I went and bought new lip gloss, always fun. It is called Plum Desert, when I opened it, the familiar smell of fake cinnamon. How is cinnamon appropriate in the desert? Plum is fruity and cinnamon is not. If you are unfamiliar with my problems with cinnamon, read this. Luckily, I'm cheap and am only out about two bucks. Although maybe it would plump my lips, plump lips are sexy, right? Not when you are drooling from the Benadryl.

I cannot wait for school. I cannot wait for a peppermint pedicure. I need a haircut.

Found a new doc that is rehabbing my wrist and shoulder. Oh, you thought it was just the shoulder, no turns out it is also the wrist, I injured it over ten years ago, but less than 12 years ago, don't exactly remember the date, but remember the event. This new doc is hilarious, I already know more about him than any person I've ever met, including immediate family. I know all the pseudo names for the bones in my hand. If you are wondering, my "might" bone is dislocated. Getting the electronic muscle stimulation, and if I didn't know better I'd think I was all better. Doc says I should be able to do the ice javelin in the 2010 Olympics, I could do the regular javelin this year with my dominant hand, but what would be the fun there?

It's super quiet here right now, old three are gone and young three are asleep.

A show of hands, Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta or Girlfriend trip to Vegas?

I was lucky enough to find a "slim" pair of jeans for Radical this week. They fit great, but apparently are the only pair in town, ordered four more on the internet, for $10 each. In case you have never seen my children the light ones are not only light in color but in weight. Four years ago when our eldest started high school, she was not yet 80 pounds. State law says you have to be in a booster seat until you are 80 pounds, we teased her that she'd have to be dropped off at high school in a booster seat. She'll need therapy. Big Boy has the same problem. He is 15 and may be 90 pounds, I think he's not completely honest about it. Radical is 9 and Princess is 3, there is less than 10 pounds difference between them.

I'm exhausted, no reason other than I don't sleep enough, and am still prohibited from exercise. In honor of the Olympics I've been carb loading, sugar crash, right? I hope I can start exercising in September, I had to stop a long time ago when I could no longer wiggle into the proper exercise wear, now I can, but doc won't let me. The naughty child in me likes nothing more than breaking the rules. I won't exercise, but still reserve the right to be cranky about it.

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Megan said...

Where are you rehabbing the shoulder, etc, etc at or what doctor are you seeing? People ask me for recommendations often and for shoulder I really don't have one. I have a knee guy that is awesome though.

Tracey said...


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