Friday, August 8, 2008


Don't even bother me about whether reality tv is really reality, I don't care, it's fun. I love Gene Simmons bringing in Kiss to try to kick his kid's friends butts in Rock Band. Even funnier when Kiss loses doing Detroit Rock City.

I know that it isn't usually a foot race to the finish in The Amazing Race. Again, don't care. It's quite possible that 18 hour flights are exciting, or it could be the editing.

Reality TV is much like Blogger, life, highly edited. We all share an edited version of the real thing. Sure I'll share the highs and lows, funny stuff and yucky stuff, I'll stage some things to talk about, I'll shoot it from different angles, but when it gets too real I'll stop typing.

The closest thing to real reality is what happens under this roof each day, but even then we don't all know each other, really. We only know about each other what each of us chooses to share. There may even be an issue with not knowing ourselves enough to articulate to others.

Anyway, thank you for joining me in my reality.

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