Monday, November 5, 2007

...I'm shlowly dieing a shilly death.

I'm extremely allergic to fake cinnamon. I also love it. In the past, if I were to come into contact with it, I could take a Benadryl and forget about it. Well, those days have past. Halloween brought in some jelly beans. I love the cherry, they look a lot like the cinnamon. I bit into one, realized that it was not cherry and spat it out. (Spit might have been more appropriate, but I rarely get to use the word spat.) I then rinsed my mouth, I didn't get to the Benadryl right away, thought that I had time. Famous last words of the nearly dead.

Over the last couple of days my tongue has hurt, today it got bigger. I now talk like a dental patient. Or should I say pathent. It wouldn't be so bad, but I'd forgotten about the jelly bean and was blaming my studly hubby, so I'm reaping the harvest of my seeds of teasing.

Things I couldn't say and was teased about today. My eldest has not learned the sewing and reaping priciples yet.

Do you think thith ith ethpired?


you wi freeth if you don't pu on a thirt.

Will you pwease thit down an eeeat?

I have lost all authority as well. It's very hard to command rethpec, when you talk like a two yea ol.

Lessons learned.

Danger can look yummy. Danger can be yummy.

When you come into contact with something harmful to you, you must immediately do everything you can to get remove it from your life.

If you ignore danger repeatedly, you may suffer increasingly worse consequences.

Something that others enjoy can make your life miserable.

Painful reminders can last well after the incident, however brief it might have been.

So, take my advice. Learn your dangers and avoid them. If you can't avoid them, have a handy remedy nearby and use it immediately. And don't tease your husbands.

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