Wednesday, November 7, 2007

...I didn't sell out.

One of my bloggy friends suggested I try pay per post, where I get paid to offer my comments on sponsored products. I looked into it. One of the things I had the "opportunity" to blog about was Moon Sand. As you will soon be able to tell I didn't seize the opportunity. Moon Sand would like to replace Play-Do. Not gonna happen.

The makers of Moon Sand took every thing that we love about Play-do and made bizarro Play-do. First, it's SAND. How many times have we as mothers told the kids "do not bring sand into this house"? Now we are expected to pay money for it? I took home a sample from somewhere and it's like a trip to the beach, no matter how much you clean there's still sand in places there shouldn't be sand.

Next mistake. The price. I think it's $3 or $4 for one color. Play-do gives you three colors for $1.67, love that. Most mommies I know view this lovely smelling substance as disposable. You can smush it on the wall and it won't leave a stain. It won't smudge up. It won't adhere to the couch no matter how long you sit on it. This only applies to Play-do not the Rose Art stuff. That stuff is horrible. Also when Play-do dries up you can toss it, no problem. With the moon sand stuff, it never dries up, they say you can mold it over and over. First problem with that is you have to buy the molds, secondly, once you touch the molded stuff it crumbles. Buen idea.

So, I will not be blogging for ppp, I have an opinion and I'm not afraid to use it. I didn't want to turn into Used to be very reliable for honest opinions until they started paying for your opinions. Now everything is worth buying, even stick up light bulbs in 40 packs. When I'm looking for opinions I want them to be your honest to goodness opinion. I don't want your opinion to be filtered by someone who doesn't like it. So, there you have it, I can't be bought for $5.23 - which wouldn't cover the product and the gas to the store.

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