Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

Laser Hair Removal

I have wanted this for years, finally broke down earlier this year and got it done. As for its safety? It's been heavily advertised for at least five years, and I haven't seen 20/20 with any laser disfigured women crying out for justice. Unlike other things they try to get us to do for our own good, like the HPV vaccine which they now know has a 7% chance of serious life altering complications like coma and paralysis. But back to the lasers.

For clarification, we're talking underarms here. I got my first treatment in January. During my consult they recommended five treatments, but laser chick told me I could probably get away with three. They were just trying to sell me a package. I opted for the pay as I go plan, because I don't use credit.

Helpful information before you go. This is considered a cosmetic procedure so flexible spending accounts cannot be used, even though it is also a medical procedure. Shave before you go, waxing is out for six weeks prior and after. Depilitators, like Nair, are also ok. Also no tanning, unless you want your skin to be that color permanently, which wouldn't be bad except that the rest of your skin will change color so go au natural.

I got the cold laser treatment, which required that I place icepacks in my underarms for 20 minutes, that was the most painful part for me. When laser chick felt that I was sufficiently iced she started zapping away. If you are unfamiliar with the smell of burning hair, that might be unsettling to you, but otherwise it's just a 30 minute or so procedure.

Several days following the procedure it appeared not to have worked, but it would be the last time I had to shave for about six weeks. Treatments are recommended every six to eight weeks, so I went back at the six week point.

The second treatment was slightly more painful, they have to up the intensity every time. The hair they killed off last time are dead forever, it's just that your hair follicles are active in stages so these are new follicles we're killing here. I should have waited until about ten weeks, my second treatment last only about two weeks. Then more follicles woke up and while it was not a normal amount, I did have to shave every couple of days until my third treatment.

For my third treatment, I waited until about 10 weeks out. This one was the most painful, yet not intolerable. It's worse than a tattoo, but a LOT better than waxing. Again, had to shave a couple of days after, but have not had to shave since then. I just passed the two month mark. I got my final treatment mid May. It is now mid July. While I did not HAVE to, I have shaved twice, the first time was June 1st just for reference, the second was July 1st because I did have some hair, but less than a hurried shave prior to treatment.

It has yet to be determined if I will return for a fourth treatment. My original hope was that I could go away for the weekend and not come back feeling like Big Foot. It has far exceeded my expectations. I would be ok with shaving once a month. Had I not jumped the gun, I'd have probably been happy with two.

I have my sights set on my legs next. Although it's a little pricey, I'm sure it will come down once everyone has done their underarms etc.

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Chicago Laser Hair Removal said...

im completely set on doing my underarms and i find this post to be amazingly helpful to me, with all your explanations etc. I would be okay with shaving once in a while too... im really glad its working out for you!


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