Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Solving all your problems

I've identified several societal "problems" that need fixing. I've realized they were problems because I watch the tv news and read weekly magazines. So, from now on I will be working on solutions to the following problems and telling you how to solve them.

We'll divide them into several categories, magazine problems, news problems, and internet spam problems.

Today's magazine problem. How to tell if your guy likes you. He married you didn't he. Yes, I know there are probably still people who marry people they don't like, but for the most part, when they promise 'til death they mean it. So, if your guy married you he must like you. If it seems he's forgotten maybe you should stop griping at him, this is especially true if you have a cable reality show. Even if what we see is the only time you ever gripe at him, it gets edited into too much griping. Rule of thumb, don't let the cameras become your friend, they will stab you in the back in the editing room. Also just always treat your husband nicely.

Today's news problem is the economy. If it sucks so bad, how come I still have to wait when I go out to eat? Maybe the economic problems are more political?

As for today's internet spam problem. You apparently know nothing about me, I am all girl, been so since day one. I do not need any of your products to enhance parts I do not have. Thank you anyway and have a nice day.

Another recently discovered problem, internet is not a recognized word in spell check on blogger, REALLY?

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