Tuesday, July 8, 2008

...Today's News, Tomorrow

Or yesterdays news today, whatever.

No news on what happened in court, is good news?

I know you've all been on pins and needles, I finished the Uber Sudoku puzzle. I got all five of them correct, however I had two numbers in the middle puzzle when added to the bottom puzzles created a conflict. I'll take it for a first attempt. Guess what I'll be doing on the 14 hour runway delay?

I went the entire day without a Vanilla Coke, miracle? I think so.

Were I to use credit I would have gladly brought home about $400 worth of clothes today. Since I do not, I came home with nothing, although I did find a screaming deal on a zip up hoody, but I didn't buy it. Like I need another.

I find it odd that one of my husband's friends is allowed to man handle me, while other friends cannot. Of course the one who is allowed to is my chiropractor, but today it occurred to me that this is odd.

The weather sucks.

In sports....Wipe out is funny, but overedited. Looking forward to my (is it semi or bi?) decade swimming and track viewing. Also looking forward to more human interest stories such as how the synchronized swimmers keep their hair like that, gelatin if you didn't know.

And finally, pictures of puppies lower your blood pressure.

Go watch The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, an American by Choice. It's a good day for America everybody.

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