Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Works for me Wednesday - 5 items or less

Today is all about easy recipes requiring five items or less. For other great ideas go here

Chicken Enchiladas - Lasagna style

Corn Tortillas - 2 - 3 per person
Hatch's Green Enchilada Sauce with Garlic
Shredded cheese - I use Colby Jack
Canned chicken breast

Enchiladas take time, I don't have time. So instead of rolling them, I layer the ingredients like a lasagna. Let's face it, it tastes the same, and after four seconds on the table, it looks the same.

Layer in a pan the sauce, tortilla, chicken and cheese, repeat, repeat, repeat, then cover with a ton of cheese. Put in an oven til the cheese is all melty, or if you are using uncooked chicken, wait til the chicken is done. I bake it at 350 because that is the default on my oven. It will also work in the microwave if your pan will fit.

The all important fifth ingredient? Sour cream

If you use the canned chicken and pre-shredded cheese it takes two minutes to prepare, or you can let a preschooler do it, just put the sauce in a plastic container so no one cuts themself on the can.

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