Tuesday, July 1, 2008

...MRI part deux

Wouldn't you know it, I've had chronic pain in my left arm since October. I was told on June 2nd that an MRI was advisable, two days after last years insurance and its met deductible went away. I put it off for a month, hoping increased therapy would help it. Nope. So, last Thursday I scheduled one. Sunday, it was as bad as it's been, Monday, it was as good as new, today even better. Of course Sunday was the first time I'd asked anyone to pray for it. Coincidence? I think not.

So, I arrive at my appointment this morning, ready for a good long nap. I raced her husband to the desk. It was no contest with his gimpy hip and all. He'll be getting a new one next week, so my chances at winning our next race will be greatly diminished. While I'm usually ok running around large, cold buildings filled with strangers in nothing but a gown, they are usually strangers. Thankfully we parted ways in the waiting room.

After what sounded like preparing toddler for a road trip...
"gotta go to the bathroom?"
"where are your shoes?"
"get in and sit still"
"are you ok? You're going to be in there awhile, and once we start we're not stopping."
I was ready for my nap.

Little did I know the headphones would be a mistake. It gave them the opportunity to "keep me company".

"We're going to get started. Hold still. Should only be about twenty minutes. Breathe normally, don't move. Are you doing ok? Now during this next one you'll need to hold real still, honey."

Ok lady, A. Shut up. And B. I'm sorry that my ample bosom is jiggling your picture, it's called breathing; I can't help it.

Were it not for the constant chit chat, or just chit as it was one way, it would've been a nice relaxing time. But because of all the chit that was going on it was very annoying.
"we've got about ten minutes left."
"seven minutes"
"two minutes"
"I know I said two minutes last time, but it's going to be another two minutes."


After the third "two more minutes" it was all done, I grabbed the paperwork, got dressed and left. I took notice of the numbers before I handed them to the receptionist.

Diagnosis - Hydracephalys - oops typo'd.
Diagnosis - Shoulder strain, we needed to spend a grand figuring that one out?

Better luck next time.

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