Sunday, June 29, 2008

...MRI's and naps

Tuesday I'm going in to get an MRI on my shoulder. It's my baby carrying arm and apparently I have on "overuse" injury. As an indication as to how bad it is, my CHIROPRACTOR thinks I'll probably need surgery. That's bad.

When they were scheduling it they asked me if I am closterphobic, "nope," I joked that I was "looking forward to the isolation, I'll probably try to sneak in a nap."

The kindly young woman told me that MRI's are loud. Yes, they are, I've had one, but they are not as loud as my life. When you have three little and loud ones, any opportunity for "alone time" is precious, even if it is in a big loud machine and costing you $1,000 - and no one will be talking to me. Yea!

I hate when you just want to not be talked to and the massage therapist thinks she's playing 20 questions. Or it's six in the morning and you are explaining for the 900th day in a row that there is no talking before the sun comes up. Three years ago I needed to be in a cave, 100 miles from other people to be able to sleep. Now, I can sleep under a helicoptor with a search light on.

I don't want to get surgery, I'm not afraid of the pain, I'm currently in pain, I'd like for it to go away. I don't want to have a scar, I'm so vain. So, I'm praying for a miracle. And if you know me, you should too, because I'll be asking you to watch the kids while I catch up on my sleep.

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