Thursday, May 15, 2008

...of Amazing Possibility

Yesterday I was offered an idea. One that is so simply brilliant that I feel silly for not thinking of it myself. For one month now I have been working on opening a community center in my neighborhood, I am doing it without borrowing money. God has shown us time and again that if we do things our way they may not turn out bad, but they don't turn out best. So, how does one get a multimillion dollar venture going without going into debt? God. That's my only answer.

We are big believers in the tithe. We do it and don't worry about where that money could have gone. It lessens our desperation of the bottom line. We don't go around moping that we can't get this or that because we brought our tithe. We cheerfully bring it knowing that what we sow we will reap, it's the law.

So back to getting a multimillion dollar venture going. Doing it without enslaving ourselves further to a giant corporation. We were looking at this venture as 4 or 5 houses a year, but from a different angle it is only a day or two of earnings, and that is just locally. Same number, different perspective. Would I not give a day or two of earnings to better my part of the world? Yes I would. Why wouldn't that work coming back to me?

So, while I'm not yet blogging about this on my community center blog, I'm blogging about it here so that I can praise God for ideas that are bigger than me, for people who see things differently than I, and for all the things that He has done that I am still unaware.

To quote my buddy Moses, "Who am I?" to which God replied "I AM."

It is my new found belief that we are going to be given an old grocery store. For free. No rent, a 99 year lease for $0 - talk about priceless. (Would saying 'suck on that Mastercard' lessen the holiness of this?)

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