Wednesday, October 24, 2007

to not hate me.

Even though I'm bragging. This weekend we went and seen the Newsboys, again. They rock. I love them.

We took the three big boys. Our little middle guy was so cute. At one point they asked us to close our eyes and if anyone needed Jesus to raise their hands. Our little middle boy who is three raised his hand and said "I need Jesus" awesome.

Our big boy was being a snotty teenager, but eventually got into it a little. And our big middle boy thought it was soooo cool, and wondered why we couldn't buy more $5 cotton candy.

All in all we had a great time. Hubby loved the first opening act. When hubby and I saw them this spring we got seats in the crazy people section. Highly recommended, nothing like three hours with a bunch of crazy Jesus freaks. Bringing the boys relegated us to the nosebleeds, and it takes awhile for it to filter up, but all in all loved it.

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